Employee Relations

Employee relations refer to the relationship shared among employees in an organisation. It assists in communication and developmental processes of the workforce through interactive leading, corrective action and planning just to name a few.

For Employers

It is without a doubt that the backbone of any organisation is its human resources. It should be the aim of any employer, to not only ensure that the employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to enhance their performance but to discourage any conflicts which may arise within the team and promote healthy work relationships for longevity and contentment.

Findings suggest that establishment practices that encourage management and non- managerial employees to think and interact together to improve working conditions and the production process are strongly associated with greater output in performance, lower turnover rates and overall employee satisfaction.

For Employees

It is the duty of every employee, to ensure their actions or attitudes do not jeopardize the smooth operations of the workplace. One should try to work with their team members or colleagues to strengthen the bond between and improve relations.

Remember that it is natural for everyone to have differing opinions. However, it is essential that we understand each other’s needs and expectations so we can work together to accomplish the goals and targets of the organisation in harmony.

Skillfully managed employee relations can also decrease work related stress.

Submitted by Kasha Payne.

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