What Is Customer Service?


We often hear the term “customer service” but what really is “customer service” other than a phase?

Good customer service means helping customers efficiently and in a friendly manner. It often sets our business apart from others. Along with the appropriate attitude one must compliment the attitude with product knowledge to handle customers quickly and efficiently.

Awesome Customer Service
Always aim to “WOW” the customer!

What is product knowledge one might ask? Well it’s when a customer service representative -whether in person or on the phone- knows the facts about the product or service and the customers hear or see the confidence. This develops trust and it enhances your sales performance. Just imagine going to a doctor with a broken toe. You are 100% sure that your toe is broken but the doctor says “ahhh let me have a look in a medical book to be sure”. What would your reaction be? Wouldn’t you be taken aback because you strongly believe this is something that they should know? So in providing a service to a customer, they need to see and hear that you know your job as well.

Some organisations have a department specially named the Customer Service Department, however most believe customer service is an attitude not a department.

Here is a simple, but effective blue print for customer service:


Being positive, having energy, looking and sounding alert.


Interest is being 100% customer-focused, listening and conveying to customers that they are important.


Taking ownership and making the utmost effort to see the customer through the process from beginning to end to give then that “WOW” customer experience.

Verbal Language

Strong communication skills, and attention to positive verbal language create positive experiences. Avoid using voice fillers frequently such as “ahhhhh”, “ummmm” and “hmmmm” when you are trying to convey information. Avoid giving negative feedback. Try phrasing sentences so the customer always gives a “yes” or another positive answer.

Body Language

Even when our mouths aren’t speaking, our body is and according to Martha Graham “The body never lies.” Poor body language such as rubbing our temples, squeezing our eyes, lifting our brow or looking away and avoiding eye contact can often undermine otherwise positive messages.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice contributes to our ability to persuade, influence, empathize and engage. This is the single most neglected, yet one of the most powerful skill sets. Sounding bored or over excited can reflect negatively in our interactions with our customer.




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